Acceleration Calculator

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What is the meaning of acceleration?

Acceleration is basically a word that is most commonly put in to use in the field of physics. And as for the definition of the term acceleration, we can say that it happens to be the rate of change of velocity of a particular object with respect to the time. In addition to this, acceleration of an object is said to be the net result of either any or for that instance all the forces which act on a particular object. This has even been described by the 2nd law of Newton.

Acceleration Calculator

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Initial velocity: m/s
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Important points on acceleration

Meter – per – second – squared or m s-2  or it is also known to be the meter per second per second & this is the SI unit for acceleration along with the dimensions of velocity being that of  \(\frac{L}{T} \, or\, L.T^{-2}\). An individual will also have to keep the fact in mind that the velocity especially in metres per second is bound to change by that of the acceleration value that too every second.

Moreover, this acceleration is stated to be vector quantity because it not only has magnitude but also direction besides adding as per the parallelogram law. On the other hand, as this acceleration is a vector, it is said that the calculated net force happens to be equal to that of the product of the mass of an object (which is said to be a scalar quantity) apart from its acceleration.

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How are acceleration values expressed?

In addition to the above stated points, the acceleration values are essentially stressed in the units of velocity / time. The common acceleration values are – (1) m / s / s (2) mi / hr / s (3) km / hr / s (4) m / s2.

Average acceleration

\(\overline {a}=\frac{\Delta v}{\Delta t}=\frac{v_f-v_i}{t}\)

Instantaneous acceleration

\( a=\lim_{\Delta\rightarrow0}\frac{\Delta v}{\Delta}=\frac{dv}{dt}\)

In the above equations,  is the average acceleration while \(\Delta v\)  is the velocity & \(\Delta t\) happens to be the duration of the period. Whereas \(\lim_{\Delta\rightarrow0}\) is the limit of the average acceleration that too which is above infinitesimal interval of time. In addition to the above stated full forms,\(v_f\) in simple words means that it is the final velocity while \(v_i\) is said to be the initial velocity.

How to use an online acceleration calculator?

To make use of the online acceleration calculator, all you will have to do is to follow a few simple steps listed out here. Firstly the user will be required to enter the values of velocity followed by the time. The user will also have to remember the fact that at first, the initial speed is to be mentioned after which the final speed & then the time. One will be in a position to even select the unit before they click on the tab that reads calculate. Furthermore, if you wish then you may also click on reset to change the details entered before finally clicking on calculate to know the result.

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1,111 total views, 3 views today