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Area turns out to be that quantity which helps to express extent of a 2 – D figure or for that matter the shape or a planar lamina in the plane. There is another term related to area & it is known as surface area which is nothing but the area of the boundary surface.

Surface Area Calculator

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Formulae required for an area calculator

      1. Area of a circle is:
        \(A=\pi r^{2}\) where \quad 'r' \quad is \quad the \quad radius
      2. Area of a rectangle is:
        \(A=wl \) where  l is the length & w is the width
      3. Area of a triangle is :
        \(A=\frac{h_{b}b}{2}\) where b is the base & \(h_{{b}}\) is the height
      4. Area of a trapezoid is:
        \(A=\frac{a+b}{2}h\) where a & b are the base while h is the height
      5. Total area of a sector is:
        \(\frac{1}{{2}}(\frac{\theta}{\pi}) r^{2}\) here r is the radius & angle is denoted by \(\theta\)
      6. Area of a parallelogram is:
        \(A=bh\)where b is the base & h is the height
      7. Area of a square is:
        \(A= a^{2} \quad where \quad a \quad is \quad the\quad side \)
      8. Area of a polygon is:
        \(A=\frac{n}{4} s^{2}.cot(\frac{\pi}{n})\)where n is thenumber of sides & s is the length of the side (each one)
      9. Area of an ellipse is:
        \(A=\pi\)a b and here, a & baretheAxis
      10. Area of a rhombus is:
        \(A=\frac{p\quad q}{2}\)where p & are the diagonal
      11. Area of a regular hexagon is:
        \(A=\frac{\sqrt[3]{3}}{2} a^{2} \quad where \quad a \quad is \quad the \quad side\)
      12. Area of an octagon is:
        \(A=2(1+\sqrt{2}) a^{2} \quad where \quad a \quad is \quad the \quad side\)
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How to use an area calculator?

To make use of the area calculator on this site, the user has to enter the values that are available in the respective fields & click on calculate.